People & Places: Photography by Anne Baird and Nora Palmer Gould

“Photography is a save button for the mind’s eye.” -Rodger Kingston

Anne ABaird2Baird: A photographer’s work has the potential to be as unique as a fingerprint, and as identifiable as a signature. My camera is my constant companion, reminding me to be alert and to pay attention. It allows me to interact with and comment visually on the world asGould.Kyoto I see it. The digital camera encourages me to push at the edges of my world, to experiment, and to move beyond photo “clichés.”

Nora Palmer Gould: Travel and photography go hand in hand in my life.  Twenty five years ago my husband gave me my first Nikon digital camera.  It proved to be the perfect piece of gear for me.  We traveled in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, New Zealand and Asia over those next twenty five years. My camera(s) traveled with me.  The camera helped me capture people’s lives.  It has proven to be a friend, and a challenge.  My photographs are my travel journal.          

Join the photographers, both of Lyme, for an opening reception on Wednesday, October 7, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Betty Grant Gallery. Their exhibit will be on display from October 5 to December 31.

New Services, New Look for HeritageQuest

from Bobbi Slossar, Technology Services Librarian at the New Hampshire State Library

There are some wonderful updates to the HeritageQuest Online database for genealogical research. The database is now running off of the Ancestry platform and incorporates many fantastic features from the popular commercial database. This database is licensed for at-home patron use. Please contact the library to access the account username and password.

New Features (Click any image to enlarge)

Check out the added transcription at the top and bottom of records!

HQO Update

HQO Update2

Users can send the information as links to themselves.

HQO Update3

Or save the image to their computer.

HQO Update5

And there are printer-friendly versions of records just a click away!

HQO Update4

While viewing an image from the census, it is possible to click on the Tools menu and browse the film strip. This can be helpful in finding other nearby family members.

HQO Update6

HQO Update7

Thankfully, one of the more useful features of the original HeritageQuest Online still exists in the new platform: the ability to browse the census records by location. This can be really helpful in cases when you know where the family lived, but name searches fail.

HQO Update8

And thanks to the Ancestry platform, any spelling changes previously recommended by subscribers help you find your relatives!

HQO Update10

You can learn more about the new features on the HQO help.