John Quimby: Nerikomi, to September 30

JohnQuimby1After three decades as a chef/restaurateur, during which time he designed and built Middlebrook Restaurant and the Tip Top Café, John Quimby found the medium of clay. He was drawn to a specific branch of ceramics known as NERIKOMI, a Japanese term meaning “hand-building with colored clay.” 

Hand­building encompasses virtually all the techniques used to form clay (rolling and forming slabs, coiling, pinching and sculpting) except throwing clay on the potters’ wheel and slip casting. Rather than using glazes to decorate the surface of a form, clay in various natural colors and clay that has been stained with mineral colorants are layered together and manipulated to create patterns within the clay itself. The result is a block of moist clay with an embedded pattern, from which slices can be removed and utilized to form a vessel.

John has other work at Long River Gallery in Lyme, and at EarthStar Gallery in North Hartland, Vermont, where he also teaches. He lives in Lyme.


Barbara Newton: Collages


Trees, by Barbara Newton
(paper collage)

Now showing, through June 30, 2016

My collages, or papier collé, are meant to evoke the environment as I experience it in various settings.  The out-of-doors provides my visual and emotional stimulation.  From this I compose images of color, shape and texture.  The result can be lyrical, abstract or representational. The papers are handmade primarily and come from this country, Japan, and other cultures.   -Barbara Newton

Barbara holds degrees in fine art and fine arts education. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibits in New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Vermont and New Hampshire and is included in lots of private collections. She lives in Lyme.

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