Borrowing Materials and Interlibrary Loan

books are beginningsGetting a library card

Actually, we don't have library cards at this time.  We register you, but don't ask that you remember a card or a number – just your name! There are no fees for opening a library account. Children under 14 may register as an individual or as a member of a Family Account.  New Hampshire has one of the strongest library patron confidentiality laws in the country and that law applies to all, regardless of age.  A parent may sign a form giving a child permission to have his/her own library account, recognizing that all information about overdues, lost books, etc. will be shared only with the child.  The other, and more common, option is to register as a family.  Information on a Family Account is privy to anyone on the account.

Borrowing Materials

Books, magazines, audio books on CD, and DVDs are lent for 2 weeks.  We do not charge overdue fines.  We'll call you if someone has requested a book you have overdue.  We do have a pink piggy bank in which you can put conscience money if you are feeling a wee bit guilty about an overdue item!

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan requests are accepted by phone, email, or in person.  The New Hampshire State Library maintains the database of the materials (books, CDs, and DVDs)  in all NH public libraries, some high school libraries, and public New Hampshire colleges.  This database is affectionately called NHU-PAC by librarians.  Lyme patrons may access this database, but requests for these books must be made through the patron's local public library.  These books are delivered to the Lyme Library on Mondays and Thursdays via a van service organized by the New Hampshire State Library. Additionally, if the item requested is not in NHU-PAC, the library uses the State's Interlibrary Loan protocol, first requesting the book from public, then private, libraries in New Hampshire, and then public and private libraries outside the state.  Some out-of-state libraries have fees associated with Interlibrary Loan. Lyme Library staff will advise a patron if the cost exceeds $5.

Services to Homebound and Handicapped

The library is handicapped accessible. The library will also deliver any library materials, including audio, video, and large print titles. Additionally the New Hampshire State Library administers the Talking Book Program for New Hampshire residents who are physically unable to see, handle or process printed material comfortably.  More information about this program is at or call the Lyme Library.

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