Internet Access and Computer Use Policy

As part of its mission to “encourage learning, stimulate curiosity and… share ideas,” the Converse Free Library makes wireless Internet service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also provides ten desktop computers for the public’s use. The following guidelines enable the Library to continue to fulfill its mission to the community. The Library’s trustees and staff appreciate the cooperation of library users.

The Internet is an unregulated global resource. The Converse Free Library cannot guarantee the accuracy and/or authenticity of information discovered through this resource. Library users who find information or subject matter that is erroneous, out-of-date, illegal, offensive, and/or controversial should contact the original producer or distributor of that work directly. This policy is a well-intended attempt to address issues regarding the use of the library’s Internet access, its computers, and other digital devices (including but not limited to computers, tablets, digital storage devices, scanners, and printers). The Library’s Board of Trustees may amend or rescind any part of this policy at any time.


The Converse Free Library makes every effort to comply with the United States Copyright Law, and all other federal, state, and local laws relating to the use of the Internet and other digital media. The Library expects users of its computers and related devices to do so responsibly, ethically and legally. Library users should not perform any action that causes a disturbance for other library patrons, whether through action or speech.

Violation of the expectations and/or rules of this policy will result in loss of computer and/or Internet privileges.  The Library Director will make and enforce these judgments.  In the absence of the Library Director, the Assistant Director may make these judgments.

Users will be held financially responsible for malicious damage done to the library’s hardware or software.

Administrative Rules

Permanent software downloads to the library computers are determined by library staff members, who are authorized to make such changes. Library users are encouraged to suggest useful software to be permanently added to the public desktop computers.

Use of the Internet will be limited to 20 minutes, if someone is waiting.  The time limit begins when a person makes it known that they are waiting.

There is a $0.15/page fee for using the library’s black and white printer and a $0.25/page fee for using the color printer. Students may print up to 20 pages free for schoolwork.

After-school use of the library computers by students is restricted to designated areas.


The library does not use filtering software.  The library cannot be held responsible for the content found on the Internet or its use. 

The library will not serve in loco parentis, but does reserve the right to limit children’s access to its computers and related devices based on violation of this policy. Parents are urged to supervise their children’s use of the Internet.  Information to help parents counsel their children is available at the library and at the school.

The Library cannot be liable for damage done to patron computers or related digital devices.

6/2/2007, rev. 7/16/13

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