Use of Meeting Room

Meeting Room

The library has meeting room space for public use during and after library hours.  The Meeting Room policy is below. To request use of the Meeting Room, download the form Request for Use here or stop in at the library.

APPROVED 12/07/2009; fees revised 2/6/2012

The town of Lyme has several meeting places. The Converse Free Library welcome use of its rooms, but does not wish to compete with or duplicate other public spaces.  The library Meeting Room is for:

  •    Lyme residents or Lyme community groups (with members from the town of Lyme), and
  •    Quiet programs–typically meetings, sit-down programs, small hands-on workshops, artist/author receptions.
MEETING ROOM (capacity: 32)
  •    Audiovisual (AV)-ready with wireless Internet access and window screens to darken the room (See the discussion below regarding use of the library's AV equipment)
  •    Chairs and several folding tables
  •    Handicapped-accessible by elevator; handicapped-accessible bathroom


  •    Individuals or groups using the room for profit or personal gain must pay $10/hour or fraction thereof.  There is no charge for groups that do not charge entry or participation fees.  Academic tutors may use the rooom with no charge.  For-profit groups must have liability insurance.
  •    An approved monitor must be in attendance at any program held when the library is closed.  The user of the room is responsible for finding a monitor, using the list of approved monitors provided by the Library Director.  Those using the room must negotiate some reimbursement with the monitor.  The Library Board suggests $20 per program.

 For a fee of $10, the users of the room may also use the library's AV equipment. Only library staff and trained volunteers may operate the library's AV equipment. The Library Director will provide a list of trained volunteers.


  •    All programs must be hosted by Lyme groups or have a Lyme resident as a sponsor.
  •    Reservations may be made no more than 90 days in advance and may not be for more than four consecutive programs.
  •    Alcohol, smoking, and gambling are prohibited.
  •     Minors may reserve the room with an adult sponsor who must be in attendance during the meeting.
  •     Use of the library's downstairs kitchen facilities is permitted.
  •     All chairs and tables must be returned to their original places and the room to its original state. The monitor will ensure that this is completed.
  •     Advertising for a non-library program should not indicate sponsorship by the library, and users of the room should not give the library's name and address as their address.
  •     The Library Director may request proof of insurance, certification, or similar documentation and reserves the right to refuse use of the room for any reason.
  •     All programs or gatherings must be open to the public.
  •     Fire laws and capacity regulations must be observed.
  •     Users will be held responsible for any resulting damage to property or furnishings.
  • Disclaimer (liability): The Converse Free Library is not liable for losses, thefts, or injuries that result from use of the library facilities.

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